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 Ch.Cz.Sk. Bharat-Buddha Khatakhyi x Ch.Sk. Dara-Aroon Moden 
October 2001 - 4 puppies...
unfortunately the cream female soon after delivery died

MALE: Jokhang (cream) and 
Jirna (black) and Jasinta (black)

When time came, Jokhang and Jasinta left the breeder's home and went to the world... Jasinta is happily living with her "new parents" near by Nitra... but Jokhang flew with the new owner to the far Italy (Imagine that for him was sent a special private plane!:-))))) Jirna stayed at home and now she is already lovely dogie lady, which is enjoying her successful show carriere!!!
Jirna with her mother
Jirna Tibet-Chan - Picture from the Show (2002)
Jirna Tibet-Chan is very successful show dog now!